To ensure a job well done


    Both in product development and packaging


    We select only the very best fish

The beginnings

The marketing of our products started out with IQF Sardine Butterfly Fillets. The search for the best possible quality of this product was one of our first major challenges.

To achieve this, we had no qualms in investing countless resources and efforts into visiting many factories in different parts of the world, until we found a place in Dakhla (Morocco) that offered us the best guarantee of selection and processing of the species we needed, the “Sardina Pilchardus”.

Growth coupled with quality

After the first few months of marketing, and having managed to seduce the market, both nationally and internationally, with product quality and the guarantee and serious approach of our company, we soon started receiving requests for other related products.

To meet this high demand, we had to expand production points with the challenge of never stepping down from the levels of quality we had self-imposed and that had let us enter the market with such good standing.

This level of demand in quality control encompasses all points from the method of capture, the treatment of fish from the boat to the processing room itself, and transport, not just internal but also to the final destination of our customers.

Moving forward together

We have successfully built a chain that allows us to control all these points, working along with processing plants at the most important fishing ports in Morocco: Agadir, Tan Tan, Layounne and Dakhla.

With a view to reinforcing this chain, we hit the mark by creating a Spanish-Moroccan company, DISGLOBAL MOROCCO, which has meant we can have several permanent branches in the country of production. This involved major investment on our part, helping us to control all points from the source and therefore ensure the highest quality for our customers.

We are still overwhelmed today by the wide acceptance and appreciation of our products by our customers. This certainly encourages us to continue to grow by expanding our product portfolio, as well as building partnerships in new regions, both for production and for sales.